Near Field Array (NFA) of Carbon Steel Fin Fan Tubes

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  9. Near Field Array (NFA) of Carbon Steel Fin Fan Tubes

IRISNDT offers NFA tubular inspection services to inspect the ID of carbon steel fin-fan tubes. NFA tubular inspections use multiple individual coils grouped together instead of the single coil used in standard near-field testing (NFT). NFA uses two rows of receiver coils to provide 360o coverage of the ID of finned tubes.


  • Identifying ID general corrosion
  • Identifying ID erosion
  • Inspections when satisfactory cleaning, needed for ultrasonic inspection of heat exchanger tubes, is not achievable


  • NFA results are displayed in C-scan images.
  • High Resolution Displays assist in better analysis


  • Can only be used to inspect carbon steel
  • Identifies only ID losses
  • Tubes must be free of scale and debris