Pipeline Risk Assessment (PLRA)

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IRISNDT, in partnership with our customers, uses Pipeline Risk Assessments (PLRA) to make collaborative risk-based decisions. We customize our PLRA approach and use either IRISNDT’s Maxi-Trak Pipeline or the customers software to meet each client’s unique requirements.

Our PLRA services are supported by our technical subject matter experts in pipeline integrity, corrosion engineering, corrosion inhibitors, in line inspection, and pipeline regulations.


  • Providing risk based prioritized recommendations for reducing or managing risks through effective mitigation, monitoring and inspection
  • Ensuring that all pipeline threats and hazards are addressed
  • Determining the most appropriate inspection methods and technologies
  • Supporting regulatory compliance


  • Project management and facilitation of a PLRA
  • IRISNDT Maxi Trak Pipeline PLRA software
  • Provide the SME expertise to support for a customer’s own PLRA program
  • SME expertise in pipeline hazards and threats and the most appropriate control methods
  • PLRA’s for operating pipelines to manage risks and optimize integrity programs and costs
  • PLRA’s at the Design stage to ensure life cycle integrity concerns are addressed during design and construction