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Maxi-Trak™ Facility is designed for the management of pressurized equipment, associated equipment and tank data. The system enables users to keep an accurate record for:
  • Equipment inventory
  • Attached documents
  • Equipment components
  • Inspections
  • Action items
  • Management of Change
  • Corrosion monitoring
  • Inspection plans
  • Non-conformance reporting
  • Initial risk ranking
  • PSV Service
Maxi-Trak™ Facility is an inspection database management system (IDMS) designed in accordance with regulatory bodies and best practices for a pressure equipment integrity management system. It is used by many international organizations.
Large industrial estates of oil and gas refinery, Aerial view of industry plants, oil storage tanks and pipeline at night

Asset Integrity

Maxi-Trak™ Facility stores and updates static, inspection, and other supporting data on Pressure Vessels (PVs), Pressure Safety Valves (PSVs), Tanks, Piping and Piping Circuits.
  • Inspection management
    o Action Items
    o Inspection plans
    o Due / overdue inspections
  • Parent-child equipment relationship management
  • Bulk data and document loading
  • Reporting – printable and customizable
  • Integration with other management systems

Corrosion Monitoring

Maxi-Trak™ Facility is designed and developed to maintain and calculate life expectancy and corrosion rates on equipment based on results from thickness surveys.

  • Track multiple components and condition monitoring locations (CMLs) on equipment records
  • CML, component, and equipment health statistics
  • Component TMin calculation
  • Calculate component statistical information
    o Short and long term metal loss
    o Remaining life and Retirement Date
    o Next thickness survey date and interval
  • customizable calculation settings
  • use interactive drawings to view equipment analytics at a quick glance
  • Thickness surveys detailed information
  • Electronic data transfer from inspection and service industry, and from NDT company