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Trust Our Foundation - Ensuring Your Safety from the Ground Up. Depend on our seasoned expertise to deliver rigorous and reliable NDT services, safeguarding your critical infrastructure.

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Advanced NDT Services

Leading with Precision - Pioneering Tomorrow’s NDT Solutions. Stay ahead with our advanced NDT services, where cutting-edge technology meets meticulous accuracy.

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Inspection Services

Precision in Every Inspection - Your Assurance of Quality. Gain comprehensive insights with our detailed inspection services, ensuring the highest standards of quality and safety.

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Engineering Services

Engineered for Endurance - Solutions that Last. Collaborate with us for engineering solutions designed for durability and performance.

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Mechanical Services

Excellence in Mechanical Services. IRISNDT delivers outstanding operational improvements with our comprehensive mechanical solutions. Our services are crafted to enhance reliability, safety, and efficiency, utilizing state-of-the-art technologies such as advanced laser cleaning and expert rope access. Explore the full scope of our Mechanical Services capabilities.

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Rope Access Services

Reaching New Heights - Expertise Where It Matters Most. Discover how our specialized rope access services can address your high-level inspection needs with unmatched agility.

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Robotic Services

Reaching New Heights - Expertise Where It Matters Most. Discover how our specialized rope access services can address your high-level inspection needs with unmatched agility.

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Ship Surveys

Our vessel survey services are defined by precision and state-of-the-art technology. We conduct thorough safety assessments and compliance verifications to guarantee your vessel operates efficiently and up to the latest standards. With our expert-led surveys, you can navigate confidently knowing your fleet meets rigorous industry demands.

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Maxi-Trak™ Field Services (MTFS) streamlines and enhances your field operations, engineered to provide comprehensive data management and real-time operational oversight. MTFS optimizes project monitoring, control, and decision-making processes, ensuring peak efficiency and support.

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Wind Services

Leading the Charge in Renewable Energy. We leverage state-of-the-art technology and extensive expertise to conduct thorough and efficient wind turbine inspections. Our services ensure optimal performance and longevity of wind turbines, contributing to a cleaner, more sustainable future.

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Serving Industry Since 1953

We support major industries like refinery, petrochemical and chemical, LNG, agriculture, renewables, power generation, utilities, structural, mining, and aerospace and defense, the fabrication shops that serve those sectors, as well as on initial construction, ongoing in-service run and maintain, maintenance turnaround projects, and expansion projects. We focus on quality service delivered safely, with ethical practices, and customer asset protection. Our commitment to excellence solidifies our status as a top independent NDT, inspection, and integrity engineering company in North America, the United Kingdom, and Australia.

Reliable Rope Access and Inspection Services
Advanced NDT Solutions for Industrial Applications

Our Mission

Our mission is to meet our customers’ needs with high-quality, reliable services. We aim to protect our customers’ assets by ensuring their longevity and reliability through the utilisation of state-of-the-art equipment and technological advancements. Our focus is on building enduring, ethical relationships and consistently delivering value through our expertise and commitment to excellence.

Our Vision

Our vision is to be an industry leader, committed to environmental stewardship and delivering exceptional customer value, underpinned by a strong safety culture and continuous technological innovation. We value investment in our people and technology, fostering a family-friendly environment, and maintaining ethical and transparent practices. This vision and set of values guide our pursuit of sustainable growth, employee development, and positive environmental impact.

NDT Technician Jobs. Advance your career with IRISNDT. NDT & Rope Access Careers.

Who We Serve

IRISNDT supports various industries and sectors; we assist in promoting safety, efficiency, and growth with our clients and partners.

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Advanced inspection techniques and testing ensure reliability in aerospace manufacturing and maintenance.

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Utilizing state-of-the-art NDT techniques to maintain the highest standards in agricultural infrastructure upkeep.

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IRISNDT’s expertise in visual welding inspections and API inspections (510, 570, 653) forms the backbone of its service offerings to the chemical industry, ensuring that all components and structures at chemical facilities meet the highest quality and safety specifications.

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By using advanced technologies and methodologies, IRISNDT helps maintain the structural integrity and operational reliability of LNG facilities, preventing downtime and extending asset life, thereby enhancing overall safety in this critical energy sector.

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IRISNDT elevates midstream operations with expert engineering and targeted NDT inspections. Our services ensure pipeline integrity and compliance, enhancing safety and efficiency across transportation networks.

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IRISNDT offers critical NDT and metallurgical services, including ultrasonic testing and failure analysis, enhancing the safety and efficiency of mining operations.

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IRISNDT integrates advanced engineering and NDT inspections to enhance safety and operational efficiency in the petrochemical industry.

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Providing precise testing and evaluations to enhance the performance and lifespan of critical power generation assets.

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IRISNDT boosts refinery operations with integrated engineering and NDT inspections, ensuring safety and maximizing efficiency.

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Our offerings include precision blade and tower inspections, ultrasonic testing, and detailed failure analysis to ensure optimal performance and durability. With advanced repair techniques and proactive condition assessments, we empower sustainable energy solutions to thrive.

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Enhancing upstream operations through rigorous NDT and comprehensive pipeline integrity assessments.

Build your Career

Join IRISNDT to build a promising career. Our dynamic environment offers advanced technology and ongoing learning, placing you at the forefront of industry innovation. We prioritize a strong safety culture and invest in our team, promoting a family-friendly workplace and internal career advancement. With IRISNDT, elevate your career where progress and excellence converge.

Advance your career with IRISNDT. NDT & Rope Access Careers.

We look after our Employees

We have built this business on credibility and reputation, which has only been achievable by retaining long-term employees. Our product is our people and taking care of our people and their families is what we do. 

We Look After Our Customers

We have maintained a consistent reputation for quality of customer service, advanced and innovative technological applications, and an outstanding safety record.