Risk-Based Inspection - RBI

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IRISNDT, in partnership with our clients, uses Risk Based Inspection (RBI) to make collaborative risk-based decisions. We customize our RBI approach, and use a variety of RBI tools, to meet each client’s unique requirements.

RBI services are supported by our technical subject matter experts in materials engineering, corrosion, inspection, and NDT.


  • Assigning appropriate inspection intervals for internal and external inspections
  • Establishing process unit and plant turnaround frequencies
  • Determining the most appropriate inspection methods and technologies
  • Developing inspection test plans for equipment and piping

IRISNDT Risk Based Inspection services include project management and facilitation of an RBI, preparation for RBI through equipment and piping systemization, circuitization and damage mechanism assessment, SME expertise in damage mechanisms and the most appropriate NDT, and development of integrity operating windows.

IRISNDT can work with any of the commonly utilized RBI programs and processes our customers have in place.  We offer a customized approach to provide a range of assessments from a qualitative to a fully quantitative RBI.