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IRISNDT provides contract Chief Inspector services and support to the clients’ in-house Chief Inspector; we provide these services for regulatory compliance, management of pressure equipment, inspection planning, and turnarounds. We ensure that the integrity management programs are appropriate for the size and complexity of the company’s operations.

IRISNDT Chief Inspector Services Include 

  • Development, implementation, and maintenance of pressure equipment integrity systems
  • Working closely with the regulators and clients to ensure regulatory compliance is achieved
  • Providing in-depth expertise in engineering, materials, welding, repair, and alterations
  • Providing API Visual Inspectors, advanced NDT technologies, and conventional NDT as required
  • Conducting audits of third-party contractors such as PSV companies and fabricators
  • Providing support for data management requirements regardless of the type of data based utilized by the customer
  • Providing training for company engineering, operators, and inspectors

IRISNDT provides customized, fit for purpose, Pressure Equipment Integrity Management Systems (PEIMS). We enable customer self-sufficiency by providing the processes, procedures, and training to allow customer staff to be an integral part of the PEIMS.  IRISNDT ensures the equipment data is in a database owned by the customer or in a format that the customer can control. We have a long-term commitment to sustaining and continuously improving the PEIMS program, and have a complete range of asset integrity support available including risk based inspection, fitness for service, failure analysis, materials selection, and welding engineering.