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Robotic inspection uses remotely operated robotic systems to perform inspections. Various NDT technologies can be mounted to the robotic systems; in many cases, IRISNDT can perform these customizations. The majority of robotic crawlers are magnetically based, and only work on ferrous based material. However, suction-based robotic systems are currently in development. IRISNDT also uses submersible robotic systems to inspect submerged equipment. Robotic inspections have safety, cost, and repeatability benefits, by removing the technician from the line of fire, removing cost access requirements (such as scaffold), and removing human error. Robotic inspections are becoming increasingly popular due to rapid advances in technology.

IRISNDT applies robotic inspection for:

  • Vessel inspection
  • Piping inspection
  • Tailing lines inspection
  • Tank inspection
  • Efficient inspection of long lines
  • Cooling tower inspections


  • Highly customizable to individual customer problems
  • High repeatability by removing human error
  • Removes technicians from the line of fire
  • Can be more cost-efficient by removing access requirements such as scaffolding
  • Tethers allow for easy retrieval in the event of lost power
  • Access areas that were previously not accessible
  • Technology is progressing quickly


  • Not intrinsically safe
  • Dirty surfaces can limit the value of inspection
  • Systems require a power source
  • Deployment in manholes can be complicated depending on the configuration
  • Certain NDT methods can not be deployed remotely