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Maxi-Trak Field Services™ (MTFS) provides transparent, real-time access to project status and inspection data and reports for everyone. The Software reduces cycle times and bottlenecks and providing real-time updates and transparency to all companies and the client working on the project.


  • Project management, including planning and job tracking
  • Work order, cost, and hours tracking including
  • Delays and Key Performance Indicators
  • Tablet based mobile inspections with real-time communication from field to office including image capture and markups
  • Dashboards, reporting, and analytics provide real-time access to progress, status, and analytics
  • Electronic access to reports including Report review and digital signatures
  • NDE Task requests and Recommendation tracking and approvals
  • Real-time Report review and quality control integrated into the reporting workflow
  • Integration with external systems
Large industrial estates of oil and gas refinery, Aerial view of industry plants, oil storage tanks and pipeline at night

Project Management

Project leads can plan and track work using MTFS. Work packages can be pre-loaded based on the project inspection scope but can also be planned and created during the project. Work packages are assigned to field workers and status updates, reports, and any supporting documents like images are automatically uploaded for the site lead to review. Information is automatically updated in the Client Portal so the client and other contractors have real-time access to status information and reports.

Digital Field Inspections

Field workers use ruggedized mobile devices to receive electronic work packages, view the details including drawings and ISO’s and then capture inspection data using standardized work templates. Images and geo-tag information can be captured and images and drawings can be annotated to provide additional information. All data captured is automatically uploaded to and goes into the final Report where the field worker does a final review and submission. All reports go through an electronic approval process and are available for QA to review and provide feedback.

Client Oversight, Monitoring and Data Access

Clients and vendors can access a web-based app from anywhere to monitor the project and access all project data. Reports can be accessed to review, electronically sign, download, and comments can be provided that go directly back to the IRISNDT site lead. NDE task requests can be submitted and tracked along with Recommendations. Customizable Dashboards display project status, analytics, and Key Performance Indicators. For Turnaround projects, the electronic wall chart provides an interactive overview of the project and allows users to drill down into asset and task details.

Integration with External Systems

IRISNDT’s Maxi-Trak™ Inspection Software can be setup to integrate with external software systems to update data to and from allowing for automation of data exchange and workflows.