Turnaround/Shutdown Project Management

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IRISNDT personnel manage turnaround/shutdown inspections at numerous plant sites, often after extensive on and off‐site preparations. Our certified personnel prepare inspection plans based on equipment inspection history and process conditions. They also prepare the equipment inspection packages essential for turnarounds. Their continuity in servicing specific sites, and their process condition and equipment record knowledge are fundamental for these services. Where required, we develop scheduling and reporting information systems to facilitate scheduling and assessing equipment inspection completions during shutdowns.

Our inspection personnel also manage large inspection related projects and assist in organizing customer equipment documentation. When managing larger projects, the IRISNDT inspection team is responsible for determining the required documentation, updating customer equipment files, organizing inspection data, and performing RBI analysis to determine future inspection requirements. These projects are often driven by regulatory requirements; consequently, the IRISNDT inspection team provides the necessary documentation to meet specific regulatory requirements.

Utilizing Maxi-Trak Field Services

IRISNDT can manage and track work requests, assign technicians to jobs, work progress, and final reports; this data collected is sent to the Client Portal in real time. A web-based program that connects the client to the information being collected in Maxi-Trak allows the clients to view status of work, progress being made, and download reports and technician certifications through the Client Portal. Data Management support staff can download reviewed/approved Final Reports and upload to a corporate data management system.

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