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Maxi-Trak™ Pipeline (MTP) is an end-to-end pipeline integrity data management tool. It is focused on keeping clients audit ready at all times and is a source of truth for:

  • Company & Field level information
  • Static data of pipelines and wells
  • Connectivity between pipelines & wells
  • Production & Operational data
  • Mitigation, Monitoring, and Inspection Programs and Events
  • Action items
  • Risk assessments
  • Incidents
  • Bulk loading
  • Attached documents, and
  • Reports

Maxi-Trak™ Pipeline helps manage pipeline integrity management systems. It is designed to store all relevant information required to perform risk assessments, make engineering decisions, and manage mitigation, monitoring, and inspection programs.

Pipeline Integrity

Maxi-Trak™ Pipeline (MTP) supports pipeline integrity efforts by reliably storing data generated by integrity efforts and providing easy retrieval to assist in making the right decisions. With easy navigation, logical organization, and smart architecture MTP provides a scalable and robust data management solution.

Risk Assessments

Clients can use MTP to make formalized and consistent risk assessment decisions. The information stored in the system is made readily available at the start, making it quicker to perform risk assessments.