Visual Welding Inspection (VT)

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Simple and efficient, visual inspection is crucial while repairing aging equipment and their structural supports; it is also essential while fabricating new critical equipment. We have qualified Visual Welding Inspectors available to perform these services.

Visual welding inspection is performed prior, during, and after welding:

  • Prior to welding, the visual welding inspector checks the material for quality, type, size, cleanliness, flatness, straight line, and dimensional accuracy; then, when the joint is prepared for welding, it can be checked for alignment, fit up and correct joint preparation
  • During welding, the visual welding inspector can check the weld bead profile and inspect for any surface defects; the inspector can also verify that the preheat, technique and heat input are being maintained within the specified ranges (this is especially useful during multi‐pass welding; highlighting surface defects at this phase can save on weld repair costs at a later stage)
  • After welding, the visual welding inspector can check for cracks, porosity, crater cracks, undercut, arc strikes, and spatter; they also verify the weld profile

IRISNDT personnel are adept at performing these inspections in fabrication shops, and in operating plants on pressure containing and structural equipment.