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IRISNDT has solutions to offer for the provision of both Digital Radiography and Computed Radiography. In addition, we are also able to offer digitization of conventional radiographic film images.

Digital radiography is used to assess internal or external corrosion/erosion losses in process piping, pressure vessels, and valves. It can be used as a tool in estimating remaining thickness and wall losses. The digitized images allow easy data sharing and result in significant improvements in radiographic inspection productivity as well as faster identification of defects.


  • Piping for internal corrosion, for corrosion under insulation (CUI), and for localized losses (such as those which develop in sulphuric acid service)
  • Valves and their internals for internal or external corrosion/erosion
  • Piping and valves for build-up of products
  • Newly fabricated welds
  • For losses in boiler tubes at temperatures up to 350 ⁰C (662 ⁰F)
  • Asbestos insulated equipment and assess losses around the circumference (not only those perpendicular to the radiation source)
  • In-service welds


  • The images can be readily shared, e-mailed, and stored electronically by anyone needing reliability information for the equipment
  • The imaging plates practically eliminate re-shots by providing a greater range over which exposures can be useful
  • Significant exposure reductions
  • Reduction of exposure times from 50-70% when using Ir-192
  • Similar or better results are obtained when utilizing Se-75, Co-60, and X-rays
  • Highly reproducible
  • Data is stored for future comparison or audit


  • Radiation safety considerations are the same for CR as standard radiography
  • A laser scanner is required to scan the imaging plates
  • Physical space and on-site electrical power are required to set up the equipment
  • Requires access to both sides of the part

Safety is a fundamental consideration when using radiation. Clearance of large areas adjacent to the component from persons or items that may be affected by radiation is required. A significant radiation dose can cause physical changes in the human body. Strict regulations, coupled with highly trained and qualified personnel, ensure the safety of everyone.

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