Portable Hardness Testing – HT

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Portable Hardness Testing (HT) is a non-destructive testing method utilized to obtain the hardness value of a material. IRISNDT uses the latest portable hardness testing technology to provide clients the information they require about the materials they are utilizing.


  • Ferrous and non-ferrous metals and alloys, and select non-metallic materials
  • Welds and weld overlays, weld heat affected zones (HAZ’s), castings and forgings, piping, stress relieved material, machined parts, pressure vessels, and structural steel
  • Damaged materials as part of a failure analysis
  • Welds and to verify material compliance


  • Fast results and reporting to the client
  • Field Ready
  • Highly portable tools can be used in most locations


  • With some equipment, hardness tests cannot be performed on thin material, in weld heat-affected zones, and on surfaces where indentation are unacceptable such as finished machined surfaces
  • Some equipment requires a surface polished to nearly a mirror finish
  • Some equipment should only be used on parts with a thickness of 12.7 mm (½ inch) or greater
  • When electric hardness testing equipment is in use, the temperature of the test material cannot exceed approximately 90 °C (200 °F)