Phased Array Ultrasonic Testing – PAUT

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Phased array ultrasonic testing is a well-established ultrasonic testing technique, using a multi-element probe that allows control of the angle, raster, and focal properties of the ultrasound. It is used for multiple applications where engineering the ultrasound beam to the specific application is advantageous.


  • Welds and weld overlays, piping, pressure vessels, clad material, storage tanks and structural steel
  • Both code compliant and in-service inspections
  • Inspecting raised face flanges for damage on the ID bore and sealing face without having to disassemble them (this technique can be used in or out of service)
  • Inspecting components with complex geometries by developing custom inspection solutions prior to inspection


  • High degree of repeatability. Position and size data for every flaw can be compared for repeat scans of the same area to track flaw growth or corrosion rates both generally and for individual pits
  • Sound beams of many angles can be generated sequentially, inspecting a large portion of the component’s cross-section. Electronic adjustment of beam focus and angle, and sweeping of UT beam through the entire weld volume
  • The ultrasonic beam may be both steered (change of angle), focused and scanned without moving the probe.
  • Portable, battery operated testing device
  • Inspection can be performed on in-service equipment
  • Faster inspections
  • Can be combined with other ultrasonic inspections, like TOFD


  • Probes are often larger than those used for conventional UT
  • Higher temperature probes are limited to 150 oC (300 oF)