We welcome people who seek challenging career opportunities with an organization dedicated to providing extremely high-quality services to our customers.

Why work for IRISNDT?

Building your future, together

Tremendous Growth Opportunities

At IRISNDT, we are dedicated to your personal and professional growth. With extensive career development and a supportive environment, we help you achieve your career aspirations and reach new heights. Whether you are a Non-destructive Testing (NDT) specialist, API Inspector, Turbine Blade Repair Specialist, Software Developer, or an Asset Integrity Engineer, our diverse projects and cutting-edge technologies will enable you to advance your career. Our company is growing fast and leadership opportunities in an entrepreneurial organization abound.

Employee and Customer Care

Our commitment to our team is paramount. We provide a nurturing workplace where your well-being and the well-being of your family through a comprehensive set of employee benefits are prioritized, ensuring you can deliver the best to your customers. We understand that a happy, well-supported team is crucial to providing top-quality services in the NDT, inspection, wind turbine, mechanical services, and asset integrity industries.

Promotion from Within

One of our core values is recognizing and promoting talent from within. Many of our senior leaders began their careers with us and have advanced through hard work and dedication. Join IRISNDT and benefit from a clear career path that values your growth and contributions.

Continuous Learning and Improvement

Innovation and growth are at the heart of IRISNDT. We offer training and continuous learning opportunities to keep you at the forefront of the industry and empower you to contribute to groundbreaking projects. Our investment in training and commitment to professional development ensures that our employees and subject matter experts are leaders in their fields.

A Strong Commitment to Safety & Quality

Safety and quality are the cornerstones of IRISNDT’s operations. We adhere to the highest standards to ensure the safety of our employees and the integrity of our work. Our rigorous safety protocols and commitment to quality assurance mean you can trust that your work environment is both secure and conducive to excellence.

Career Growth Stories

See how working with IRISNDT places you on the path to success.

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Katherine Jonsson

Join Katherine Jonsson as she shares her inspiring career journey from a materials science enthusiast to Operations Director at IRISNDT. Katherine’s story illustrates the unique opportunities at IRISNDT to find and follow one’s passion through varied roles and increasing responsibilities. Discover how IRISNDT’s supportive environment and commitment to continuous improvement helped Katherine carve out a successful career in integrity engineering and management.

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Michael Townsend

Meet Michael Townsend, Senior Operations Director at IRISNDT, as he shares his journey from a field project manager to a Senior Operations Director involved in innovative projects and software implementation (specifically around our ground-breaking MTFS tool). Discover how IRISNDT supported his career progression and provided opportunities for significant personal and professional growth. This video showcases our culture of internal promotion and the potential for employees to shape their future within the company.

Build your Career

Join IRISNDT to build a promising career. Our dynamic environment offers advanced technology and ongoing learning, placing you at the forefront of industry innovation. We prioritize a strong safety culture and invest in our team, promoting a family-friendly workplace and internal career advancement. With IRISNDT, elevate your career where progress and excellence converge.

Advance your career with IRISNDT. NDT & Rope Access Careers.

Our Commitment to Indigenous Relations at IRISNDT

Join our team – Committed to Progressive Aboriginal Relations (PAR), we prioritize hiring and supporting Aboriginal talent, aligning with the Canadian Council for Aboriginal Business standards.

For more information about the PAR program and our involvement, please visit the Canadian Council for Aboriginal Business and PAR Companies pages.