Meticulous Preparation Averts Pigtail Drama

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One hundred twenty pigtails required radiography during a turnaround. Inspections and testing must always be performed while minimizing site disruptions. During turnarounds, however, the stakes are even higher than during normal operations. So, how was the task accomplished? As a first step, the customer provided IRISNDT with mock-ups of the pigtail welds. IRISNDT personnel then experimented with different setups such that the radiation could be more easily shielded, and less exposure time would be needed without compromising the quality of the radiographs. After several site visits and test runs with actual sources pre-shutdown, IRISNDT set up the proper lead shielding needed in the small furnace space, allowing for minimal disruption. The work went as planned, with the expected radiography quality and minimal site impact. Beyond technical abilities, planning, effective communication, and hard teamwork are indispensable skills in non-destructive testing.

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