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IRISNDT has a dedicated global team of experienced API 936 refractory personnel for consulting, inspection, and testing of refractory materials. We provide objective refractory expertise to the petrochemical, refinery, power, and fertilizer industries.
Following best practice industry guidelines and standards, IRISNDT can provide solutions to problematic areas of your refractory linings, with our knowledge of the latest in alternative designs, materials, and installation methods.

IRISNDT can supply highly qualified inspectors for shop surveillance, new construction, and turnaround maintenance activities. IRISNDT Refractory Engineering Services will ensure the refractory materials meet the required project specifications. We can manage the refractory installation process through all stages of the project, from specification, design review, applicator qualification, contractor selection, installation method, installation procedures, to review and monitoring of dry-out procedures. Additional services available include:

Administration of Quality Assurance Programs
Audit new refractory material manufacturers and suppliers
Initial inspection for development of scope of work
Monitor of demolition of existing refractory
QA/QC monitoring for project compliance
Refractory laboratory services
Detailed written reports
Root Cause Failure Analysis

We share our knowledge with our customers. Whether your refractory is brick, monolithic, or ceramic fiber construction, we can help.

For further information, please contact:

Oscar H. Thackery
Refractory Engineering Specialist
Cell: 832 466 1571
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