Industrial Radiography - RT

Radiography is a nondestructive test method that utilizes electromagnetic energy (radiation) from X-rays or gamma rays in order to detect both surface and internal discontinuities. Radiography shadow shots can be used to inspect process piping, pressure vessels and valves, providing an easily viewed and permanent record of the component that has been inspected. IRISNDT has the ability to utilize either Computed or traditional film radiography techniques as per client specification.


    • For new fabrication weld inspection
    • Efficient inspection of large volumes of components
    • Code compliant inspection (ASME Section V for pressure vessels,   ASME B31.1 and B31.3 for piping, CSA Z662 for pipelines, and others)
    • For In-service weld and material inspection. Often, we determine the extent of internal and/or external corrosion/erosion in process piping, pressure vessels and valves
    • For most metal and non-metal materials


    • Highly reproducible
    • Images on films or digitized
    • Data is stored for future comparison or audits
    • Field ready
    • Systems are portable and battery powered
    • Light enough to easily take onto scaffolding
    • Powerful setup tools to aid technicians in the field


  • Access to both sides of the test material is required
  • Physical space is required
  • Large areas adjacent to the component tested must be cleared from persons or items that may be affected by radiation.
  • Environmental conditions may compromise film quality; low temperatures may slow down production