ASME And AWS Weld Quality Inspection With Computed Radiography (CR) Clear Immediate Digital Records And An Environmentally Friendly Technology

Code compliant CR has the sensitivity, quality and ruggedness required to compete with traditional film radiographs. In addition to its digital dimension, this developing application promises to reduce waste and to be more environmentally friendly than film radiography.
IRISNDT obtains code compliant CR of newly fabricated ASME piping and AWS structural component inspections. CR replaces conventional film with phosphor imaging plates while using a similar shooting technique. The phosphor imaging plates are then processed in a laser scanner that produces a digital radiograph. Then, the image is interpreted to the referencing code. The phosphor imaging plates are reused many times and no chemicals are needed for developing.
The I-beam radiographs to the right exemplify the efficiency of CR. Each splice weld (section) requires five shots – four shots for the flange weld and one for the web weld. With CR, phosphor imaging plates are inserted into flexible cassettes for these multiple images without the use of disposable film.
The image below is the CR radiograph of an ASME as-welded NPS 16 standard pipe. The image meets and exceeds the requirements of ASME code compliant RT work.