IRISNDT joins SPRINT Robotics

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IRISNDT is pleased to announce that we have signed on as a participant in the SPRINT Robotics Collaborative. IRISNDT is additionally pleased to announce that Dr. Eric Sjerve, IRISNDT’s Chief Technology Officer, has been appointed Chairman of the North American Chapter of the SPRINT Robotics Collaborative.

From the SPRINT Robotics website:

“The SPRINT Robotics Collaborative aims to achieve field use of robotics for inspection and maintenance of capital intensive infrastructure assets on a very large scale within the next ten years.

Launched in January 2015, SPRINT Robotics goal is to encourage the worldwide use of robotics for inspection, cleaning and maintenance in the Petrochemical Industry and other large infrastructures and to share more knowledge.”

IRISNDT has been serving the oil and gas, petroleum and petrochemical, chemical, power generation, and pipeline industries since 1953. With offices in the USA, Canada and the United Kingdom, IRISNDT employs over 1000 staff, which allows us to provide unrivalled resources and support to our clients.

For more information about the SPRINT Robotics Collaborative, please visit their website: