Pressure Vessel Inspection

IRISNDT have Plant Inspectors and Inspection Engineers qualified to API 510 and ASME Levels 1,2 & 3. We can perform In service and Out of service inspections following API/ASME guidelines, Client specific procedures or bespoke WSE’s generated by IRISNDT.

IRISNDT can provide Advanced NDT solutions and inspection plans that can be utilised whilst plant is on stream. PAUT corrosion mapping for example can be deployed to monitor the wall thickness at regular intervals recording encoded accurate data.

To reduce the risk of entry small confined spaces often associated with pressure vessels, IRISNDT can deploy remote and robotic solutions for out of service inspections. These devices can follow pre-determined inspection plans to ensure all areas of interest are captured and to ensure encoded repeatable inspections. With the added reassurance of software like 3D locator, in depth reports can be provided with high quality HD images.