Written Schemes of Examination (WSE’s)

Since the introduction of the PSSR Regulations in 2000, it has been a legal requirement for Owners/Users to have a WSE in place for all relevant fluids and systems, examples of these are;

  • Steam at any pressure
  • Any fluid or mixture of fluids which is at a pressure above 0.5 bar above atmospheric
  • A gas dissolved under pressure in a solvent (acetylene)

Once a WSE has been determined, it shall then be adhered to and carried out by a competent person, these duties include;

  • Review WSE and confirm it is suitable
  • Produce a written report for each examination
  • Notify Owner/User of repairs required
  • Identify action in case of imminent danger
  • Agree postponements of examination, where appropriate
  • Draw up or certify written schemes of examination

IRISNDT have the knowledge and expertise to cover both new and existing WSE requirements, keeping documentation and plant integrity in line with the most recent laws and guidelines.