Refractory – Inspection and QA/QC Services

IRISNDT has experienced API 936 certified Refractory Inspectors, including our resident refractory engineering subject matter expert (SME) Oscar H Thackery. We provide support on the following:

A: Inspection Services

  • Refractory installations (brick, castables, and ceramic fiber systems);
  • Refractory anchor system layouts;
  • Prequalification of refractory materials;
  • Burner tiles/blocks and precast shapes manufacture;
  • Refractory lined equipment during emergency or scheduled maintenance turnarounds or shutdowns;
  • Dry-out process – before, during, and after; and
  • Heaters, FCCU, SRU, thermal oxidizers, and others, through the use of thermography.

B: QA/QC Services

  • Review of vendor specifications for compliance with API & owner’s standards;
  • Review of project specific vendor refractory installation packages;
  • Prequalification of refractory installation personnel for gunning, ramming, hand-packing, and bricklaying;
  • Monitoring and witnessing of material installation and application;
  • Monitoring of project compliance with specifications, installation quality procedures, and good practice guidelines; and
  • Providing project support, remotely and/or on site/in shop.

C: Auditing Services

  • Approving refractory contractors and potential new refractory installation companies;
  • Laboratory refractory testing facilities; and
  • Refractory product manufacturing facilities.

Refractory Inspection Services