Industrial Radiography

Industrial Radiography

IRISNDT carries out Industrial Radiography both on site and in radiographic enclosures at all our branch locations.

We predominantly carry out radiographic inspection of pipe butt welds and vessel’s in accordance with the requirements of ASME V Article 2 and BS EN ISO 17636 Class A & B specifications within the scope of our UKAS accreditation. Our radiographers are qualified to industry standards PCN or SNT as required by specification. In addition we can carry out radiographic inspection of castings in accordance with ASTM specifications.

Our new 36,000sq ft workshop facility in Immingham which was opened in 2014 comprises of 4 radiography bays served by 5 and 20 tonne overhead cranes, we are able to take pipe spools up to 14m in length and vessels up to 3.8m in Ø within that load capacity. Gamma-Radiography exposure equipment comprises of the latest Sentinel 880 containers with Ir-192 sources up to 1110Gbq and Se-75 sources up to 2200GBq. In addition our small area radiography system utilizes Sentinel 959 equipment with Se-75 sources up to approximately 370Gbq allowing barrier distances down to 2m. X-Radiography equipment comprises all current industry standard site portable equipment like Rigaku 300Kv Directional, Rigaku SPS 200Kv Directional, 160Kv CP Units & Rigaku 300Kv Panoramic.

Our film processing is by automatic systems such as GE Agfa NDT-U units in our workshop facilities and GE Nova film processors utilized for site establishment projects. In addition we have mobile darkroom facilities with automatic film processing installed in a site vehicle for the provision of instantaneous film processing at site where a fast response is required.

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