Ferrite Testing

Ferrite Testing FT

The rugged FERITSCOPE® FMP30 with plug-in type smart probe is suited for fast, non-destructive and accurate measurement of ferrite content on-site or in the lab according to the magnetic inductive method.

The measurement range is from 0.1 to 80 % Fe or from 0.1 to 110 FN. The measurement options are either measurable in Ferrit-percentage “%Fe” or in Ferrit numbers “FN”.


Measurement of the ferrite content in:

  • austenitic steel welds (of tubing etc.)
  • normal construction steel with austenitic chrome alloy steel welded cladding (e.g., in boilers, vessels, etc.)
  • duplex steel.

The calibration of the FERITSCOPE® FMP30 is traceable to internationally approved IIW secondary calibration standards. The instrument therefore meets all requirements of ANSI/AWS A4.2 and DIN EN ISO 8249 as well as of the “Basler” standard.

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