Tensile Testing

Tensile Testing

Equipment: Avery Denison 600kN

Tensile Testing Machine, calibrated to both BS EN ISO 7500-1:2004 andASTM E74:06 specifications. Epsilon and Howden Extensometers which are computer controlled.

Testing is carried out using BSEN ISO and ASTM standards:

  • BSEN ISO 4136
  • BSEN ISO 6892-1
  • BSEN ISO 5178
  • ASTM E8

Plus specifications that are specific to a clients requirements. Testing is computer controlled ensuring the correct strain rate is adhered to for the relevant specification applied for the testing.

Test pieces are prepared in our machine workshop which is located adjacent to the testing facility. They are either flat or round sections machined with a parallel length which is measured using calipers and micrometers to ensure accuracy is maintained. Identification of each test piece is maintained throughout.

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