Combustion Heating Services

Combustion Heating Services

Furnace Heat Treatment

While onsite heat treatment of individual welds is standard, IRISNDT can offer both our workshop furnaces as well as our custom built onsite furnaces. Our onsite services are especially cost effective when projects have large amounts of prefabricated piping.

Site Heat Treatment Capability

IRISNDT mobile Heat Treatment technicians work throughout the UK and abroad. We have the equipment and capability to build and set up temporary Heat Treatment ovens using Combustion High Velocity Gas Burners on site. We build and erect these furnaces entirely to suit our client’s requirements.

This approach creates value for our clients by eliminating transportation costs and reducing turnaround times.











Workshop Heat Treatment Oven Capability

IRISNDT have a fully commissioned 14m x 4.5m x 4.0m Gas Combustion Oven. This oven is accredited to AMS2750D and RPS953 standards.










Refractory Dry-Outs and Curing

Our forced air, high velocity combustion burners are ideally suited for the rigorous dry-out demands of today’s advanced refractory materials. Our highly trained and experienced technicians have the expertise to help achieve on-time startups. Our heating systems tightly control the heating to help extend refractory life.

Our curing process eradicates all chemical and mechanical waters from the refractory prior to any dry out procedure.