Vacuum Box Testing

Vacuum box testing is a non-destructive examination used when trying to locate weld seam leaks. A vacuum box and a compressor create a high or low pressure vacuum while a detergent solution is applied to the test area. The detergent bubbles, making leaks visible within the created pressure envelope. IRISNDT utilizes systems compliant with ASTM E515. All inspections are conducted within the parameters of ASME Section V Article 10, Appendix II or to client specifications.


  1. Lap welds, butt welds, and shell to annular welds
  2. Piping systems and pressure vessels
  3. Tank bottoms
  4. ERW seamed pipe in pipelines
  5. Objects on which a pressure differential can be created across the area to be examined


  1. Provides an immediate indication visual of the location of any leaks present
  2. Can detect small leaks within a given area


  1. Size and orientation of any leaks will have to be analyzed with a secondary NDT method
  2. For standard testing surface temperature of the test material must be between 5°C and 50°C.  Otherwise, a procedure effective at the temperature range must be demonstrated.