Electrical Resistance / Wireless Technologies


Electrical Resistance

Drawing on our experience, the IRISNDT Heat Treating group can assist your business by getting products and services back on line and delivered to customers safely. Put IRISNDT’s innovation and experience to work for you today. IRISNDT’s Electric Resistance services include:

  • Stress Relieving
  • Preheating
  • Normalising
  • Annealing
  • Tempering
  • Hydrogen Bake-outs
  • Refractory Dry-outs
  • Line Thawing
  • Coating Cures
  • Temporary and Permanent Furnaces
  • Equipment Calibration and Service
  • Remote Operation*

*Wireless via PC link from any location – worldwide


Wireless Technologies

For decades, heat treating methods remained static, but today, new technology is on the scene thanks in part to IRISNDT Heat Treating. Our new efficient technologies are more accurate, easily programmable, better monitored and more cost effective than ever before.

Our wireless heat treatment consoles are capable of running multiple machines at one time from a safe location located within or outside the operating facility. From this wireless system we can not only monitor the heat treatment process safely, but will be able to provide our clients with a pdf format chart of the activity. These pdf charts will then be loaded onto a cd or stick drive for our client’s records.  We would have the ability to separate the work via folders per work order, unit or plant worked, etc. for easy traceability.

Our mobile command centers are stationed on site in a safe and central location where our clients can view the progress of their projects all at once. Benefits of our wireless machines include:

  • No need to go from area to area to get your reports.
  • Real Time knowledge of how your work is progressing
  • Safer for technicians by removing them out of operating units
  • Increases productivity by limiting the amount of manpower required to watch each machine, and keep them in the field working.
  • All data is computer generated and saved to IRISNDT Heat Treating’s database in case of loss or damage to clients files. IRISNDT Heat Treating will be able to produce copies.
  • Computer generated data will also help in filing the needed information into client’s files easily without endless hours at a copy machine.