Bolt Heating


Turbine Bolt Heating

With specifically designed inductors, all heated bolting can now be removed or tightened within one shift…or less. This proven method reduces outage time by days, saving millions of pounds in down-time. Plus, the process minimises safety concerns associated with the forceful removal of nuts with sledgehammers and slugging wrenches. Nuts can easily be removed using simple hand tools, reducing possible injury and lost man-hours. Benefits include:

  1. Remove or tighten within one shift
  2. Machine weighs just 125 pounds
  3. No special wiring is required
  4. No fork lift or crane required
  5. Uses 415V/60 amp service that is available on the turbine deck
  6. Reduces outage time by days
  7. Save millions of pounds in down-time
  8. Easy removal with simple hand-tools
  9. No water required
  10. No specialised power required
  11. Worldwide service


Our Wands

Thermally elongates studs and bolts are 6 times faster than induction heating. Each Unit can run up to 6 wands at a time. Units can operate multiple rod sizes simultaneously. Benefits include:

  • Not limited to diameter of hole sizes.
  • No special clearance required.
  • Rods operates in still air.