Spectrometer Material Analysis

Spectrometer Material Analysis


Our Oxford Foundry Master Pro optical emission spectrometer (OES) provides precise material identification and trace analysis of important elements such as nitrogen in steel and phosphorus in aluminium. With its large metals database the analyser provides:

  • Accurate and repeatable analysis including grade determination for ferrous and non-ferrous metals.
  • Superior low carbon and nitrogen measurement performance.
  • Excellent long-term stability and minimum detection limits.
  • Wide 130 nm – 750 nm wavelength range covering all elements.
  • Extensive analytical functions including editable grade identification library.

The spectrometer analyses the wavelengths and intensity of light emitted from a spark discharge on the specimen to identify and quantify the elements present. The computer not only makes the unit very compact but, with access to a large materials database, makes the analysis faster, more reliable and efficient.


Accuracy is assured by maintaining the manufacturer’s calibration and checking performance in house with a set of calibrated samples supplied by the Bureau of Analysed Samples.

With three trained operators, IRISNDT offers this service from its Immingham laboratory. This allows us to provide a service that ensures clients requirements are met with full technical backup to the results and analysis process.