Macro Sectioning

Macro Examination and Macro Photos

Equipment: Polishing and cutting tools. Etchants. Digital SLR Camera

Testing is carried out using standards:

  • BS EN 1321
  • PD 6604
  • ASTM E340

Specimens are taken from most weld configurations. The finished surface is examined at x5 magnification to determine the soundness of the welded joint in question.Test specimens are prepared by extracting a cross section of weld transverse to its axis, this section is machined and polished to 1000 grit. A suitable echant is then used to reveal the weld structure. To preserve the specimen, a proctective layer of clear acrylic is applied.

Macro-Photo sections are produced as a permanent record which can be attached to a weld procedure or other documentation. The magnification of the Macro-Photois dependant upon the specimen thickness. To indicate the magnification a scale rule is added.

mac1       mac2