Charpy Impact Testing

Charpy Impact Testing


  • Losenhausen PSW30 Charpy Impact Testers.
  • TL2 calibrated to ASTM E23.
  • TL4 calibrated to BS EN ISO 148-2.

Specimens are prepared in our machine workshop which is located adjacent to the testing facility. They are made and tested in sets of three with identification maintained throughout. A 2mm ‘V’ notch is positioned in the centre of each specimen to aid fracture. Samples are either of parent materials i.e. pipes, plates and sections or of welded joints in pipes and plates. Specimens from welds have the notch positioned, most commonly, through the weld centre line, fusion line and fusion line plus 2mm. After fracture of the specimens, if required, lateral expansion and shear measurements are evaluated.

Testing is carried out using BSEN ISO and ASTM standards:

  • BSEN ISO 148-1
  • BSEN ISO 9016
  • ASTM E23

Testing temperature is monitored using calibrated probes immersed in a testing medium, which is either Acetone, Methanol or Iso Pentane mixed with either solid Carbon Dioxide or liquid Nitrogen depending upon the required testing temperature.

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