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Company Profile

IRISNDT Australia is a successful blend of forward-looking NDT and engineering companies, providing a broad range of inspection, testing, engineering, and software services to the Power Generation, Oil & Gas/Petrochemical, Defence, and Mining industries.

Our managers work directly with our customers and keep abreast of developing technology. This is fundamental to our reputation for quality and customer service and an outstanding safety record. We also look after our employees. Our business is built on credibility and reputation, only achievable by retaining long-term employees. In a very real sense, our product is our people. Taking care of our people and their families is what we do because we depend on each other to do our jobs well and safely.

Established in 1953 in Edmonton, Canada, IRISNDT is a global company providing quality NDT & Engineering services through an extensive branch network in Australia, the USA, Canada, and the UK.